Pressure to double capitation grant in Kenya mounts

The Standard in Kenya reports that the Secondary School Heads Association and the Primary Schools Heads Association want the capitation grant increased from Kshs 10,265 to more than Kshs 20,000 and from Kshs 1,020 to Kshs 7,250, respectively, per student. The grant is spent on purchasing books, desks and other necessary equipment for learning. The current figures were set in 2003 when Kenya introduced free day-secondary schooling. School heads argue that since then prices have increased by more than double.

In contrast in Tanzania, the secondary school capitation grant is Tshs 25,000, or about Kshs 1300 only. For primary education, according to a government report, less than Tshs 3,000 or only about Kshs 150 was disbursed to primary schools in the last financial year. Read more.

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