Uganda calendar controversy continues


Debate continues to swirl in Uganda over those 700,000 Twaweza calendars impounded by the police. Twaweza has sent a letter to the Inspector General of Police in Uganda explaining our position and requesting that the calendars be released. You can read the letter here.

Twaweza Uganda Program Manager Morrison Rwakakamba spoke to The Independent, calling the situation a ‘colossal misunderstanding.’ In regards to the pictures of political figures that caught the ire of the authorities, he adds, ‘we are saying that change begins with you. Your leaders or governments cannot solve all your problems. That’s the key message we are pitching.’

In a letter to The New Vision, John Nagenda, Advisor to President Museveni, asks if the police ‘have no worthier work to do?’ Even with this influential voice backing Twaweza’s call to release the calendars, they remain impounded. 

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