Twaweza Original Strategy

Twaweza, meaning “we can make it happen” in Swahili, is a ten year initiative (2009-2018) that seeks to enable people in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to improve their quality of life through a bold, citizen-centred approach to development and public accountability.

Twaweza’s core purpose is to enable millions of ordinary citizens (particularly those who live on less than USD 2/day or are otherwise marginalized) in East Africa to:
• exercise agency – i.e. access information, express views and take initiative to improve their situation and hold government to account
• access basic services (primary and secondary education, primary health care, clean water) that are of better quality, and exercise greater control over resources that have a bearing on these services

This document describes our theory of change, our purpose, goals and objectives, program components, monitoring and evaluation aspects, and organizational structure.


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