Follow Your Money: Kenya Budget Visualisation Dashboard

The Kenya Budget Visualisation Dashboard from Uwazi is now up. The site allows citizens to view how public funds were spent by financial year from 2002 to 2011, and within each county of the country.  

Information about how the government spends tax money in Kenya is becoming much easier to access. With visualisations it is possible to show complex data in a format that is easy to absorb and understand. One can quickly get an impression of how the government allocates tax resources, and what’s more, no expertise in budget analysis is required.

Uwazi has developed this Budget Visualisation Dashboard, expected to be updated every year, to make information about the way the Kenyan Treasury allocates taxpayers' money more accessible: transparent, easy to understand and exciting to follow. The dashboard has been inspired in part by Where Does My Money Go, a similar project run by the Open Knowledge Foundation in the UK.

Click on the link here to go to the dashboard. Note that it may take some time to load. The Tanzania Budget Visualisation Dashboard can be viewed here and a similar dashboard for Uganda is currently being created.  

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