Twaweza Governance in Dar report in the news

Uwazi’s policy brief entitled ‘What does Dar make of governance?  Perceptions about services, policies and leaders’ spurred wide coverage and debate in the media.

The brief found that residents of Dar es Salaam are dissatisfied with levels of service delivery, report rising levels of corruption and have little trust in the institutions and individuals who are meant to represent and serve them.

East Africa TV led with the lack of policy awareness shown in the brief, while Radio Free Africa focused on the high levels of trust in religious leaders. Mlimani TV reported all of the main findings from the policy brief while Clouds TV and Radio reported lack of awareness about and low levels of trust in Members of Parliament. Another Twaweza partner, Star TV was also concerned with the high levels of trust in the President and religious leaders, expressed by respondents in the monitoring exercise. And ITV was most concerned with the poor performance of Dar es Salaam’s water and electricity supply companies, DAWASCO and TANESCO. Unfortunately, the broadcast coverage is not available online.

Read details of the brief and the press release.

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