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Twaweza in the News 2017

Across the three countries, radio remains the main platform on which Twaweza is covered the most.

Does water matter in learning?

As we celebrate the 2018 World Water Week, policy and decision makers, school administrators, CSOs communities and parents should advocate for government to increase investment for water and sanitation services in schools, making sure that all children go to a school with child-friendly water, sanitation and hygiene facilities.

What is civil society for?

A recent civil society and government jamboree in Tanzania prompted some interesting reflections from Aidan Eyakuze, Executive Director of Twaweza.

Uganda: Education

This brief reports that half of the Ugandan parents (46%) do not speak to anyone about problems they identify at their children’s schools. If parents do report problems they see, they tend to speak to proximate school leaders rather than people in government.

Preparing the next generation: Ugandans’ experiences and opinions on education

8 out of 10 parents (82%) do not do anything about the problems in the education sector beyond reporting them.

Ugandans views on public primary schooling

In the opinion of Ugandans in this survey, teachers and head teachers appear to be performing their duties well: they are thought to be present in school and class and to assign and check homework.

In solidarity | a declaration on civic space in East Africa

In September Twaweza was part of a group of civil society organisations form Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda which came together to discuss and commit to advance civic space in the three countries. This is our declaration.
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