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Twaweza advocates for an open public sphere in which citizens are encouraged to express their views and contribute to solving their own problems and governments are responsive to their voices.

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Broadcasting, policing, human rights and sedition in Tanzania

The Act states in article 57 that “a person shall not be prosecuted for any seditious offence under this Act unless with a written consent of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Amendment of the Statistics Act | Analysis

Any commentary querying or challenging official data would arguably be illegal under the amended Act, regardless of whether it was correct or not.

The Political Parties Act

Twaweza is working with other civil society organisations to challenge the proposed amendments to the Political Parties Act.

Amendments to the Statistics Act | Our View

As a stakeholder in independent research and data collection, Twaweza has analysed the proposed revisions to the Statistics Act (2015). It is worth noting that elements of the amended act remain open to competing perspectives, depending on one’s vantage point. As one among several interested parties to this discussion, here is our take:

Miscellaneous Amendments No. 3 Act, 2019 | analysis

The combined amendments make significant changes to the entire structure of a sector and a fundamental part of our society. It is imperative that we ensure that we think collectively and carefully about the possible outcomes and consequences of these amendments before enacting them urgently.

Statement on Proposed Amendments to The Political Parties Act (2002)

We, as independent civil society organisations who uphold democratic values, seek to add our views and voices to the debate with a view to finding a constructive way forward, which both safeguards our young, hard-won democracy while allowing for appropriate regulation of the registration of political parties.

The Tanzania Teachers' Professional Board Bill | Analysis

The idea of a Teachers’ Professional Board is an important step in terms of the further professionalization of teaching, bringing this sector in line with others.
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