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Sauti za Wananchi launched in Kenya

Kenyans are overwhelmingly positive about devolution: 47% strongly agree and 35% agree with the statement ‘I support devolution in Kenya.’

Let the people speak | Citizens' views on political leadership

Citizens' views on political leadership based on the most recent nationally representative data available.

Sauti za Wananchi data go public!

Sauti za Wananchi, Africa’s first nationally representative mobile phone survey is releasing the data collected so far.

First do no harm | Devolution in the health sector in Kenya

In Kenya a major process of devolution is underway. Health is perhaps one of the most important areas that will be devolved, where its success or lack thereof is likely to have serious implications for service delivery. This brief, produced by IBP in association with Twaweza, answers three key questions: Who is responsible for what? What costs what? Where does the money go? The brief discusses each one of these, and concludes with a set of concrete recommendations.

MPs in Tanzania: Did they perform?

An important question for any citizen is: how did my MP represent my interests in Parliament? One way to assess performance of MPs is to look at the number of interventions they make in Bunge. In this brief, Twaweza ranks MPs from most to least active.

Tanzania towards 2015: citizen preferences and views on political leadership

One out of three citizens (33%) on Tanzania Mainland does not know who they will vote for in the upcoming presidential election. No single potential candidate is preferred by more than 15% of the voters.

Capitation grants in primary schools: a decade since their launch, is money reaching schools?

How much capitation grant do schools get? Do parents and head teachers know about the capitation grant and do they follow up on disbursements? Sauti za Wananchi provides the most recent nationally representative data on the capitation grant in Tanzania.
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94 Articles
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