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KiuFunza: Sending Money Directly to School Accounts in Tanzania: Using Experience to Inform Policy

There is a growing body of research that suggests these low levels of learning are driven in part by the limited accountability in the education system.

Twaweza experiments with direct Capitation Grants and teacher Cash on Delivery

KiuFunza (thirst for learning) aims to examine the effectiveness of teacher cash on delivery / performance pay and/or capitation grants on learning outcomes.

Preliminary results of KiuFunza presented at two Primary Schools

KiuFunza (thirst to learn), a two-year nationally representative randomized evaluation in basic education, presented its first year preliminary results at a special event held in Mbweni and Kiumbageni Primary Schools in the presence of a number of key government personnel.

Twaweza and COSTECH Seminar on Impact Evaluation in Education

COSTECH and Twaweza co-hosted an impact evaluation seminar in Dar es Salaam, involving some of the leading education researchers in the world reflecting on what drives learning outcomes.

Request for Proposals | KiuFunza Randomized Evaluation: ethnographic component

Twaweza is looking for individuals or organisations interested in carrying out an ethnographic study in relation to the KiuFunza randomized evaluation which tests the impact of capitation grant and teacher incentive payments on learning outcomes.

KiuFunza - thirst to learn - launched

A new education intervention, KiuFunza, involving sending of capitation grants directly to schools and paying teachers a bonus for performance has been launched.
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