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Clean and Safe? Ugandans’ experiences and opinions on affordable access to clean and safe water.

Three out of four Ugandans (74%) have access to an improved water source, meaning one that provides cleaner and safer water.

Are our children learning? Uwezo learning assessment in refugee contexts in Uganda

1 out of 4 children in P3 – P7 inside (21%) and outside (28%) settlements can read, comprehend and divide at P2 level.

What did we do in 2017? | Annual Report

It is time to tell you what we have been doing with the time, talent and treasure that we were privileged to steward in 2017.

How to find love for evidence-based communications

If your organisation has the interest and motivation to make your communications more effective, it’s time! At its core, adopting an evidence-based approach to communications is about challenging your organisation’s ideas and putting yourself out there, by asking questions and testing your assumptions to make your work stronger.

Annual Plan 2018

Our plans for 2018: this final Annual Plan of the 2015‐2018 Strategy will see us pushing back against shrinking civic space.

Twaweza Kenya is selling a Toyota LandCruiser

Twaweza is selling a Toyota LandCruiser

Kenya: On tap?

This brief presents data on Kenyans’ opinions and experiences of water, sanitation and hygiene which reports that Rural households need on average 45 minutes to collect water, up from 37 minutes in 2016. For three out of ten households (30%), collecting water takes at least an hour and for one out of twenty households (5%) it takes at least three hours.
132 Articles
Sort by: views | date

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