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Contributor: Ben Taylor

Ben TaylorOpen Development Consultant for Twaweza. Also a blogger (in a personal capacity) at, co-coordinator of the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN) Open Development Working Group, co-editor of Tanzanian Affairs (the journal of the Britain Tanzania S
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Learning Note 3: Motivating civic participation

This learning note introduces the initial findings of a research project which asked a question fundamental to Twaweza’s theory of change: does compelling mass communication contribute to positive behavior change among citizens?

Finance and Administration Policy Manual

Regulations for Twaweza East Africa's financial and administration operations.

Human Resources Policy Manual

Human resource policy manual for Twaweza East Africa.

Governance and Management Policy Manual

Policies for governance and management of Twaweza East Africa.

Program Policy Manual

Program policies for Twaweza East Africa.

Media coverage of launch of Uwezo Annual Learning Assessment for 2013

Media coverage from across East Africa on the latest release of Uwezo data and findings on learning outcomes.

Learning Note 2: A peek inside a panel survey

A look behind the scenes of Twaweza's ongoing panel survey in Tanzania.
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