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Twaweza at URA Taxpayers’ appreciation week

Twaweza sharesq citizens’ views and experiences on issues of public interest at the URA Taxpayers’ appreciation week at Kololo Independence grounds.

Learning Strategic Financial Management From the School of Hard Knocks

Without adequate reserves, CSOs are less able to navigate difficult times and must make painful budget cuts — cuts that reduce impact.

Twaweza Tanzania is selling a Toyota Prado

Twaweza is selling a Toyota Prado!

How are some children learning when most are not? Positive deviance in Uganda’s primary schools

Twaweza study has identified schools that are performing well despite having no extra access to resources or other privileges.

Women in Mwanga Kusini in Kigoma face rape and violence | #SasaBasi

Scores of women in Kigoma are living in fear since 2016 because of an organised crime phenomenon known as Teleza. Women, particularly those who live without men in their homes, are at risk of having their homes broken into by unknown men and then being raped or, if they resist, facing violent retaliation.

Uwezo at the CIES Conference in San Francisco

Uwezo is participating in the Annual Comparative and International Education Society conference in San Francisco under the theme of Education for Sustainability.

Walking the Line: Navigating Tanzania's Closing Civic Space

Tanzanian civil society organizations walk a tightrope in Tanzania’s increasing hostile political environment.
244 Articles
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