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JiElimishe | Learning outcomes and nutrition

New data released by Uwezo at Twaweza appear to show a link between malnutrition and children’s learning outcomes.

Are Our Children Learning? Uwezo Uganda Sixth Learning Assessment Report

Uwezo Uganda 2015 annual learning assessment report; Uwezo finds that basic learning is related to household and schooling factors including wealth, pre-primary attendance, type of education and location.

Are Our Children Learning? Uwezo Kenya Sixth Learning Assessment Report

Uwezo Kenya released its sixth annual learning assessment report, presenting findings from a national assessment of 130,653 children's literacy and numeracy skills.

Uwezo data on learning

Hundreds and thousands of data points from five years of the Uwezo Annual Learning Assessment.

Are our children learning? The status of education in Uganda in 2015

This report is based on data from the fifth Uwezo assessment that was carried out in 2014 and a review of available evidence. The data were collected from a nationally representative sample of 28 districts in Uganda.

Are our children learning? A review of the Education For All Goals

Despite marked progress in increasing access to education across Kenya in recent years, Kenya has not fully met its commitments under the Education for All Goals.

Learning in mother tongues | JiElimishe

One of the reasons given for poor learning outcomes in Tanzania is the medium of instruction. Twaweza and the University of Dar es Salaam held a seminar on the role of our mothers' tongues in education.
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