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My Teachers, My Heroes | Celebrating Teachers' Day 2017

Uwezo Manager, Zaida Mgalla, has written a short poem in appreciation of teachers everywhere to mark Teachers' Day 2017.

Are you a cybercriminal? Insights from Tanzania

What has made the Act problematic, according to discussion participants, is that law enforcers seem free to decide what are reasonable grounds for arresting someone on cybercrime charges.

Request for Proposals | Data Management Services in Uganda

Uwezo at Twaweza is now seeking to acquire Data Management Services for its 2017 pilot assessment. The pilot aims to assess the effectiveness of education interventions in refugee settlements in translating into learning outcomes.

Stakeholders call on government to implement the Access to Information Act

we call on the Government to begin a consultative process to prepare the regulations so these can be finalized as soon as possible. In the meantime, we call on the Government to gazette the legislation so it can be used even as regulations are being prepared.

Twaweza Efficiency Audit Report 2017

The Embassy of Sweden contracted Deloitte to do an efficiency audit report for Twaweza as part of grant support provided to Twaweza by the Swedish International Development Agency - Sida.

Tanzania: Health Check

Tanzanians views on challenges in the health sector. Despite these improvements, citizens continue to experience major challenges in accessing health services. Three out of ten citizens who accompanied someone to the hospital in the past year (29%) found two or more patients sharing beds or mattresses.

Health Check: A citizen diagnosis of health sector challenges

When it comes to the availability of doctors and the cost of services, progress is mixed. There was a sharp drop in citizens complaining about these issues between 2015 and 2016, but in 2017 the numbers are again rising.
132 Articles
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