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Uwazi research analyst questions inflation numbers

Ndugai most active MP - Study

Did they perform? Assessing five years of Bunge 2005-2010

On 31 October Tanzanians will elect a new President and a 10th Parliament (Bunge). Many of those standing for election served during the 9th Bunge between 2005 and 2010. How did these MPs perform? Did they participate actively and represent their constituencies by asking questions and making interventions, or were they silent backbenchers?

Should Tanzania take on commercial debt?

Twaweza Head comments on Mwalimu Nyerere's legacy

Debt per Tanzanian is Sh 332,000: study

Should Tanzania Borrow Commercially?

At the time of tabling the 2010/11 budget in June 2010, Tanzania's finance Minister announced Government's plan to borrow commercially for infrastructure financing. This stands out as a bold attempt to break away from the aid dependency syndrome. At the same time it raises questions.
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