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Rising to the challenge | New research in education systems

Twaweza is a member of The Research on Improving Systems of Education (RISE) Program, a multi-country research project, that seeks to answer the question, What works to improve education systems to deliver learning at scale in developing countries?

View from Tanzania | Journalists at the OGP Summit

Twaweza supported two Tanzanian journalists to attend the recent Open Government Partnership Global Summit. See their work and read about the Summit.

Annual Plan 2017

Our plans for 2017: moving into monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals, working on the elections in Kenya, pushing back against closing civic space and some innovative new programs including an MP show and accountability idol.

Twaweza Immersion 2016: Looking for Public Agency

Every year the whole of Twaweza closes up shop and the entire organization spends time immersed in communities in one of our three countries of operation. In 2016 we tried something different for our annual immersion.

Uwezo goes to schools

A new Uwezo assessment was piloted in 2016, testing new skills at higher levels at school. THis report provides insight into the process and understand teachers' expectations around their students' performance.

JiElimishe | Learning outcomes and nutrition

New data released by Uwezo at Twaweza appear to show a link between malnutrition and children’s learning outcomes.

Reality Check

Views of citizens about the state of education in Tanzania over the last one year; given that the current government has focused on improving the quality of education by providing desks, fee-free education and capitation grants that are sent directly to schools.
243 Articles
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