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Call for submissions: mobile photo competition – Inequalities in Education

Twaweza is delighted to announce a photo competition on the theme of inequalities in education.

New trust fund focuses on government transparency, accountability and responsiveness

Civil society actors were previously disadvantaged by having fewer financial resources to deploy to this mission than our government partners. This fund helps to further level that playing field.

A short note on the letter from Costech to Twaweza

Twaweza did not circulate and is not involved in the circulation of this letter on social media. We respect our communication with all of our stakeholders.

Sauti za Wananchi series | Politics and participation

Sauti za Wananchi is presenting the most recently available nationally representative data around Tanzanians’ thoughts on participation and politics in Tanzania.

Twaweza Kenya is selling a Toyota LandCruiser

Twaweza is selling a Toyota LandCruiser

Bringing learning to life

What are the features, values, and practices of effective learning organizations? How do learning practices contribute to more effective programming? And, how can collaborations between academics, researchers and practitioners better support learning organizations in the global South?

#MbungeLive: Monitoring the promises of MPs

MbungeLive focuses on how accountable and responsible MPs are to their constituents by describing the issues prevalent in the constituency, the MP’s promises made during the last (2015) elections, and the extent to which the MP has fulfilled these promises.
233 Articles
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