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Uganda: are our children learning?

A new study reveals that very few children in Primary 3 and higher are able to do basic reading and mathematics. In Primary 3, nine out of ten children (or 88%) are unable to both read and solve division at Primary 2 level, while in Primary 7, almost three out of ten pupils (or 26%) are unable to complete the same tasks.

Kenya: are our children learning?

While 100% of children in Class 3 and higher classes should be able to read basic English and Kiswahili, and do simple mathematics, a new citizen-led assessment report reveals that very few are able to do so.

Are our children learning? Literacy and numeracy across East Africa

This report presents data collected in Kenya in February 2013, in Tanzania in May-June 2013 and in Uganda in July 2013. The assessment was conducted in 366 districts across East Africa.

Three presidents debate learning outcomes

Three East African presidents take a closer look at the education systems in their country.

What did we learn about learning?

Following five years of implementing our annual learning assessments, Uwezo at Twaweza have created a short film looking at successes and challenges, and the wider implications for the links between citizen agency and service delivery.

Uwezo East Africa Report launched

The latest report from Uwezo, covering learning assessments from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda is 2012, is now available. The report provides key comparative data on basic literacy and numeracy across the three countries.

Uwezo East Africa and Tanzania Audited Financial Statement 2012

Uwezo Tanzania and regional audited financial statement 2012.
34 Articles
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