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Sauti za Wananchi

Soma kwa Kiswahili hapa.

Sauti za Wananchi (Voices of Citizens) uses mobile phones to regularly collect information from a broad cross-section of Tanzanian, Ugandan and Kenyan citizens. The initiative allows survey data to be gathered quickly and efficiently, at low cost, to inform citizens of what's going on and to support policy-makers to be more responsive to the needs and aspirations of citizens. More

Technical Paper | Methodology and Approach - Tanzania

Technical Paper | Methodology and Approach - Kenya

Technical Paper | Methodology and Approach - Uganda 


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Stock out or in stock?

Two out of three families in Tanzania report that one family member was ill in the last month. Although initial advice and treatment may be sought at a drug store, most of these patients will eventually look for treatment at a health facility. Can patients get the medicines they require at these facilities? How often are stock outs reported? This brief reports new findings on these and other questions on access to medicines in Tanzania, presenting the most recent data on this topic available from health facilities and patients.

SIM Cards: A taxing issue

As debate continues about a recently introduced tax on all SIM cards in Tanzania, Sauti za Wananchi contributes the most recent nationally representative data of the issue.

Access to Information

Almost all (97%) citizens recognise the picture of H.E. President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, while less than 1 out of 10 of them can explain MKUKUTA (7%) or Vision 2025 (5%). The best known high profile national policy is Kilimo Kwanza which 3 out of 10 citizens (33%) have heard of and can explain. After President Kikwete, less than half (48%) can identify Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda. At the same time, almost half (42%) of citizens would like government to make more data and information public.
76 Articles
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