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The good life can kill

UNCONTROLLED eating behaviours and life styles are some of the factors that contribute to the rapid increase of obesity cases and heart related problems, said a leading consultant at Muhimbili National Hospital yesterday. Dr Amour Amour, a specialist in Internal Medicine, told the 'Daily News' in an exclusive interview that even though it wasn't yet lunchtime, he had already seen 15 patients with health complications related to eating habits.

Uwezo findings uncover shocking literacy levels in schools

Kenya national literacy assessment,2010.

What will fortification resolve?

The Citizen.
Mrs Anitha Samwel, 32, was relieved to discover that cereals to provide her 6-month-old baby with a complementary diet were readily available in local shops. But her relief soon turned into confusion after noticing a worrying trend each time she went to buy the pre-mixed foods.Each time I return to buy the foods I notice that the ingredients listed on the label are different from what I bought the previous time,says the Dar es Salaam-based mother.To counter this, each time she finds a good brand, with a variety of ingredients that are a source of important nutrients, including protein, vitamins, and minerals, she buys in bulk.

Power of citizen agency hailed

Twaweza hailed in World Bank blog for its approach to citizen agency.

Where the exciting stuff is happening

Rakesh Rajani's presentation at the Centre for Global Development in Washington in March.

TBS criticised on fortification

World Bank threatens to withdraw $ 2 mln if fortification standards are not set anytime soon. World Bank blames TBS for laxity and focusing too much on meetings and allowances rather than on doing their job.

Uwazi brief on malnutrition

Twaweza's information shop, Uwazi releases a briefing on the effects of malnutrition in Tanzania.
187 Articles
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