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Twaweza and Uwezo Annual Plans 2013 Ready

Twaweza has just released the 2013 Annual Plans for its Uwezo initiative and main Twaweza citizen engagement work. You can see what we plan to do and achieve, and some of the core ideas that inform our thinking. Plus expected outputs, potential partners and detailed budgets.

Twaweza 2012 Annual Plan

Read Twaweza's 2012 Annual Plan, including expected outputs and budgets for each department of the organization.

Twaweza Annual Report 2011

Our Annual Report for 2011, a year of the glass half full and half empty, has been released.

In 2011 we failed to develop as many partnerships as anticipated, or enough of an ecosystem effect between partners, or spend our budget. At the same time, we sharpened our approaches and investments, fostered innovative citizen monitoring, influenced national policies (particularly in education), stimulated the public imagination in interesting ways, and played a key role in establishing a major global initiative. Our main evaluations got off the ground and began to generate valuable lessons. We could interpret the facts to tell a compelling story about 2011 in either direction; the truth in all likelihood is that we have both succeeded powerfully and fallen short.

Hivos-Tanzania Twaweza 2010 Audited Financial Statement

Hivos-Tanzania Twaweza Initiative 2010 Audited Financial Statement.

Twaweza Annual Report 2010

This report provides an account of the main achievements, gaps and lessons of the Twaweza
initiative in 2010. It is not a comprehensive assessment of all our work; only major areas are covered
and many smaller activities are omitted for reasons of space and clarity. The structure of the report
generally follows, with some exception for reasons of readability, the order of our Annual Plan 2010.

Twaweza Annual Report 2009

This is Twaweza's first annual report. The year 2009 was a set-up year, involving establishing offices in Dar es Salaam and Nairobi, recruiting staff, developing systems and policies, clarifying and communicating the Twaweza concept, and fundraising. The actual 'work' only got underway in the second half of 2009. This report outlines some of the achievements and gaps, as well as lessons learned during this formative year.

Twaweza 2011 Annual Plan

Read Twaweza's 2011 Annual Plan, including expected outputs and budgets for each department of the organization.
31 Articles
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