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KiuFunza - thirst to learn - launched

A new education intervention, KiuFunza, involving sending of capitation grants directly to schools and paying teachers a bonus for performance has been launched.

Your chance to run the Open Government Partnership

Submit nominations for civil society members of the Open Government Partnership Steering Committee.

Twaweza and Uwezo Annual Plans 2013 Ready

Twaweza has just released the 2013 Annual Plans for its Uwezo initiative and main Twaweza citizen engagement work. You can see what we plan to do and achieve, and some of the core ideas that inform our thinking. Plus expected outputs, potential partners and detailed budgets.

Open Budget Survey 2012

The International Budget Partnership has launched the 2012 Open Budget Survey, which looks at budget transparency, participation and accountability. Results from around the world are mixed.

Twaweza Governance in Dar report in the news

Uwazi�s policy brief entitled �What does Dar make of governance? Perceptions about services, policies and leaders� spurred wide coverage and debate in the media. Here's a sampling.

What does Dar make of governance?

Residents of Dar are unsatisfied with service delivery, have little faith in public institutions and are unaware of policies. They have far more faith in religious leaders and the President than their own MP. Some report taking action to change their circumstances, but 4 in 10 are afraid of repercussions for speaking out. All in a new brief from Uwazi at Twaweza

Open Oil wiki launched in Uganda

Open Oil and the Uganda Radio Network (URN), a media partner of Twaweza in Uganda have come together to create a the first open source reference for the Ugandan oil industry.
241 Articles
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