This section contains all publications produced by Twaweza. It also includes some produced by our partners. To access the publication click on the download link below each title. To access a summary click on 'read more'. Many of these are pdfs of hard copy materials or powerpoint presentations so check file size before you download.

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Unaccountable leaders.... what shall we do?

Christian and Muslim leaders in Tanzania made a joint public statement about which qualities to expect from political leaders during the 2010 General Elections. Based on the qualities of good leadership stipulated in the statement, Twaweza produced a comic book to give voters an election shopping list.

Where does the education money go?

Since the Government introduced free primary education in 2001, enrollment has increased tremendously, from 4.9 million pupils in 2001 to 8.3 million in 2010. While the increase in pupil numbers has been accompanied by a commensurate increase in the primary education sub-sector budget, education inputs have remained rather poor. This brief questions how the Government's primary education budget is used.

Is the money reaching schools?

Recently Tanzania launched the second phase of Secondary Education Development Programme (2010-2015). The aim is to improve quality and relevance of secondary education. In order to achieve this, government has committed to ensure that capitation grants reach schools on time. Does this happen in practice? In this policy brief, Twaweza, Hakielimu and Policy Forum highlight some of the gaps that have been observed in the first few months of SEDP II implementation.

Uwezo recognized in Tanzania Newspapers, Guardian UK and WB Strategy

Uwezo is increasingly being recognized as an effective way to develop citizen engagement and improve accountability in the delivery of public services.

Twaweza Tanzania 2011 Calendar

Twaweza's 2011 calendar, developed in conjunction with Uwezo Tanzania, focuses on learning.

Achieving Results: Four Challenges to Government, Donors and MPs

Government, donors and Members of Parliament have been challenged to make decisions that will enable Tanzanians achieve better results from their tax and donor money.
In this policy brief Uwazi presses for a more transparent budget process; implementation of the recommendations of the Controller and Auditor General (CAG), and a focus on learning in primary schools.

It's our water too: Bringing greater equity in access to water in Kenya

The absence of a formula based approach to budget allocation has led to large inequities for water access in Kenya. Poor families pay considerably more forw water compared to rich families, and millions go without adequate access everyday. This brief argues that with data available from the 2009 population census it is now feasible to follow a formulate based approach to budget allocation for water.
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