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Broken Promises in Primary Education

The share of the education budget that is allocated to primary and secondary education has declined in recent years. Analysis by Uwazi suggests that besides this, schools rarely receive the resources that are transferred from the central government in full and on time. Rural and community schools suffer disproportionately from inadequacy of resources for learning which often is reflected in poor performance in examinations.

Capitation grant for education: when will it make a difference?

The capitation grant for primary education is too little to buy a minimum set of books for a pupil; has declined in value by more than 35 percent since it was introduced in 2002; and is not administered according to policy. Analysis done by Uwazi at Twaweza suggests that the capitation grant system today needs a significant overhaul before it can make a difference in education.

Are Our Children Learning? Uwezo Tanzania releases its report

As a parent, how would you feel if you discovered that your child in Standard 7 cannot read Standard 2 level Kiswahili? And how would you react when you learn that half the children who complete primary school cannot read in English at all?

How are Health Centres Managed?

Primary Health Care facilities are the first place of contact for most citizens seeking treatment or preventive services in Tanzania. But how efficiently are they run?
Growing concerns over the quality of service they offer prompted the Controller and Auditor General to undertake a performance audit of a sample of the facilities during 2008.The findings released recently suggest there are significant shortfalls

When school inspection doesn't deliver

How effective is the system for school inspections at safeguarding the quality of instruction in Tanzania? Prompted by massive failures of students in mathematics and science subjects in recent years, the Controller and Auditor General audited the secondary schools' Inspectorate Programme during 2008.

The key finding from the audit, as revealed in a policy brief prepared by Uwazi, is that the system established for inspection of Secondary Schools in Tanzania is functioning poorly and fails to safeguard quality of instruction and its improvement.

Do people prefer active MPs?

What sort of MPs do people prefer? Do voters care about how much their MPs have held the executive to account on the floor of the Bunge? One indicator for answering these questions is to analyze the relationship between active/dormant MPs and their performance in the preferential polls of CCM.

In this note six key facts are presented regarding the relationship between the participation of MPs in Parliament and their performance in the CCM polls.

Will Shs 1.5 trillion be well managed?

The Controller and Auditor General (CAG) released the first value for money (performance) audit of road works in Tanzania. This brief summarises the findings of this audit.

The audit concludes that road works are not well managed and that economy, efficiency and effectiveness of road construction can not be assured. Of the ten road projects audited the Auditor General finds not one that was completed on time; the final cost was 57% higher than what was originally budgeted.
309 Articles
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