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This section contains all publications produced by Twaweza. It also includes some produced by our partners. To access the publication click on the download link below each title. To access a summary click on 'read more'. Many of these are pdfs of hard copy materials or powerpoint presentations so check file size before you download.

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Do they work for us?

The Bunge, Tanzania's Parliament, helps ensure that the country is well governed. This note explores how active different MPs have particiapted in the business of the Bunge. It finds that opposition members are more active than ruling party members, that elected MPs perform better than nominated MPs and that female MPs are less active than male MPs. The note identifies 72 MPs who never asked one basic question and lists the three most and the three least active MPs.

Reforming allowances

A paper produced by Uwazi and Policy Forum looks deeper into the payment of allowances in the public sector and finds that improved service delivery, higher salaries for civil servants and cost savings are all feasible, if the culture of allowances were addressed.

Twaweza Criteria for Program Partnership

These are the criteria that we use to guide our selection of partners.

Twaweza Situation Analysis

What works in East Africa? What doesn't? What have been the most important developments in the last ten years? What are the most powerful constraints and opportunities for the next 5-10 years? What really drives change? How do resources flow and decisions get made? How do problems get solved?

The Twaweza initiative has been informed by an engagement with these questions- through the work of its initiators in East Africa and elsewhere, our reading, and our interaction with citizens. These questions have been core concerns in the country assessments undertaken in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.

Business enviroment 8 stories

Uwazi and Policy Forum have compiled 8 stories on what it is like for ordinary citizens to make a living in Tanzania's business environment.
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306 Articles
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