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'Ni sisi' goes on air

'Seizing the moment'

Twaweza's Head, Rakesh Rajani, presented some of the background thinking to Twaweza at a World Bank meeting on the political economy of reform in Washington on June 21st. Drawing on the situation analysis that led to Twaweza's formation, as well as on experiences from Twaweza's 2009 field trip/immersion, Rakesh presents critical observations on the gap between two worlds: the world of lived realities and the world of officialdom. He argues that development practices have peeled away from the world of lived realities, and provides examples of how Twaweza works to engage with these.

Update on the 19th Bunge session

In February 2010, Uwazi produced a brief entitled Do they work for us? which presented facts about MP participation in the sessions of the Bunge from 2005 to 2009. This update covers the 19th parliamentary session, which took place from the 13th, to the 23rd of April 2010.

It is found that in session 19 MPs were less active than during the previous 18 sessions. The note identifies 94 MPs who did not make any intervention during session 19 and presents a ranking of MPs by how active they were.

Value for money in education?

In recent years the education sector has been increasingly receiving a large slice of the national budget cake.But more money allocation in the sector has not translated into improvements in learning and quality education

MPs performance declining

Tanzania MPs' performance drops as their terms nears end.

Daladala TV launched

Donor dependency questioned

Tanzania has potentials to develop without foreign aid
58 Articles
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