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Access to information in Tanzania undermined

TEDxDar and paradoxes of development

Follow one strand of a debate about development workers and the people they work with...through tracking a debate and viewing a presentation on Twaweza's field trip/immersion in 2009.

Programme to evaluate literacy on mainland introduced

The Daily News reports that Tanzania Education Network (TENMET) under Uwezo will introduce a 'Literacy and numerical skills assessment' for the first time in Tanzania. This will evaluate school children in 19 regions of Tanzania mainland. This comes amid general concerns over the functioning of the education sector and the challenges it faces here in Tanzania.

Without fortified foods, thousands of Tanzanian children are dying

Effects of malnutrition in Tanzania are described in details.

Uwezo findings uncover shocking literacy levels in schools

Kenya national literacy assessment,2010.

Where the exciting stuff is happening

Rakesh Rajani's presentation at the Centre for Global Development in Washington in March.

Fighting Malnutrition in Tanzania

This note, done in association with Sikika and Policy Forum shows that in 2010 another 43,000 children will die prematurely in Tanzania because they are malnourished. It argues that many of these deaths could have been prevented if Tanzania would introduce fortified flour and cooking oil. The authors estimate there would be 6,700 less child deaths per year. In addition it would bring a net annual economic benefit of Tshs 153 billion. More ...
58 Articles
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