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Striking an unhealthy note: Citizens’ views on health and health services

For citizens, the biggest challenge in the health sector is the lack of medical staff (44%). Other issues such as cost (13%), and distance (8%), getting treatment (8%) and strikes (8%) are mentioned by far fewer citizens.

Tanzania: The untouchables?

This brief presents data on citizens’ experiences of corruption and their views on how the problem can best be addressed. How often do they encounter corruption in their interactions with government and other institutions? How familiar are they with the cases of alleged corruption that have dominated headlines in recent years, and how do they rate the government’s handling of these cases?

The untouchables? Tanzanians’ experiences and views of corruption

The only sector in which reports of bribe requests have remained the same is in job-seeking, 34% were asked for a bribe by an employer in 2014 while 36% were in 2017.

Twaweza Research & Evaluation Advisory Group at work

Twaweza presents itself as an organization with a coherent agenda, and an honest assessment of its strengths and successes. It is addressing challenging areas and development problems in which “solutions” and “impact” may be slow to register.

An exit that clashes with Tanzanians’ aspirations

The government of Tanzania’s recently announced, unilateral decision to withdraw from the Open Government Partnership (OGP) is disappointing, but not surprising. The recent evolution in the domestic political climate meant that it had probably become inevitable.

#DemokrasiaYetu | an open discussion on civic space in Tanzania

Although conversation alone is not enough to bring change, it can create shared understandings and common ground.

Njoo Tuongee: bringing Ministers and citizens together

In our first episode which will be aired today, November 3, 2017, at 630 pm at StarTv where we will be with Hon. January Makamba – Minister of State in the Vice President’s Office for Union Affairs and Environment.
132 Articles
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