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Do they know? Data on voter knowledge

Almost half of all citizens (46%) report that policies are most important determining their choice of President. No other issue was nearly as important: the next most popular criteria was morality and ethics, mentioned by 17% of citizens.

Great expectations: Citizens' views about the gas sector

Citizens are significantly misinformed about the potential of the country’s gas deposits. Almost 2 out of 10 (or 17%) think that they will be employed in the sector.

The key to life? Citizens’ views on education

In this brief, we report citizens’ views on education, with a focus on the quality of secondary school education.

In the public eye: Citizens' views on access to information

A large majority of citizens (84%) support the passage of an access to information law. Furthermore, eight out of ten citizens think that information held by public authorities should be accessible to ordinary citizens (77%).

Our safety? Citizens’ views on security and justice

Three out of ten citizens (30%) have experienced theft in the last year. Overall half of Tanzanians have ever had something stolen from them. Sauti za Wananchi findings on safety and justice.

Towards the Referendum: Tanzanians’ views on the proposed draft of the constitution

As the deadline to hold a referendum on the proposed constitution draws near, citizens’ views are largely split. Just over half of citizens (52%) say they would vote For the proposed draft.

Guardians of Accountability: Citizen knowledge and opinions regarding oversight bodies

Seven out of ten citizens (69%) see the type of corruption uncovered in the Controller and Auditor General’s (CAG) annual report as a loss of their (the people’s) money. Sauti za Wananchi presents the most recent national data on citizen perceptions of financial oversight bodies.
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