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Debt watch September 2010

Debt watch September 2010
  Amount Position as of (Date)
Public Debt    
Total National Debt (TZS Millions) 13,595,494.7 2009/10
Debt owed to foreign countries (External debt) (TZS Millions) 10,823,574.7 2009/10
Debt owed to domestic entities (TZS Millions) 2,771,920.0 2009/10
Gross Domestic Product (TZS Millions) 30,650,283.0 2009/10p
Population of Tanzania 2009/10 (Millions) 40.9 2009/10p
National debt per person (TZS) 332,055.0 2009/10
Debt owed to foreign countries per person (TZS) 264,353.9 2009/10
National debt/GDP (Percent) 44.4 2009/10
External debt/Exports (Percent) 154.3 2009/10
Net (new) borrowing (TZS Millions) 2,572,532.0 2010/11 budget
Public finance    
Revenue (domestic sources) (TZS Millions) 6,176,162.0 2010/11 budget
Government expenditure (TZS Millions) 11,609,557.0 2010/11 budget
For every 1 shilling collected in domestic revenue, the government spends 1.9 2010/11 budget

p=based on projections by the Government

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