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The police and the people

On 29 July, Twaweza launched Safety First? Security, policing and justice in Tanzania – a collection of citizens’ perspectives on security issues in the country from Sauti za Wananchi. Following extensive media coverage including five discussion programs, Twaweza was visited by the police spokesperson, ACP Barnabas Mwakalukwa and a number of his colleagues.

During the discussion, the Sauti za Wananchi team presented the findings to the team from the police who in turn provided insight, clarifications, and further questions.

2 out of 3 citizens do not have police post in their ward

Here the team from the police clarified that in fact there is a police presence in every ward. However, some of these may not be full-time police officers and they are not necessarily based in police posts so they may not be known to citizens.

1 in 3 citizens lives within 30 minutes to their nearest police post

 “There are a number of factors to be taken into consideration before establishing a police post,” said ACP Mwakaluka while addressing the issue. “These factors include the amount of crime in the area, the amount that reports are actually filed, and the resources available to establish and maintain the said post.”

1 in 25 citizens can correctly state the police emergency number








When presented with the data on knowledge of emergency numbers, ACP Mwakalukwa acknowledged that this was an area that truly needed to be addressed.  

“I suggested that media houses should work with the police force to make sure that these numbers are well known by all citizens,” he said. He then went on to personally commit his department’s time and resources to ensure this became an actuality.

Overall the response to the Sauti za Wananchi findings was positive. The police will be working with Twaweza to collect further data on security issues to help inform their work and support them to be more responsive to citizens’ demands and experiences.

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