Tanzania in 2025: Are Tanzanians optimistic about the future?

More than half of citizens (54%) think their lives will be better in 2025. This is true among young and old, men and women, and rural and urban residents. This is in stark contrast to the United States and Europe where almost seven out of ten (65%) think that their children will be financially worse off than they are.

These findings were released by Twaweza and the Society for International Development (SID) in a research brief titled Tanzania in 2025: are Tanzanians optimistic about their future? The brief is based on data from Sauti za Wananchi, Africa’s first nationally representative high-frequency mobile phone survey that interviews households across Tanzania Mainland (Zanzibar is not covered in these results). The main findings are based on data collected from 1,408 respondents in August 2014.

Looking at the country in general, two out of three citizens believe that Tanzania will be a good place to live in 2025. This holds true regardless of levels of wealth; 64% of the wealthiest citizens and 68% of the poorest citizens see the future positively. Both personally and nationally, citizens are deeply optimistic about what is in store for the country.

However, some citizens are worried. Almost one out of five citizens (18%) fear that their lives will be worse in 2025 than today, and there are those who think the country will be a bad place to live in 2025. Here there are some differences between rich and poor; one out of four wealthy citizens (25%) and one out of five poor citizens (18%) are pessimistic about the future.

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Authors: Aidan Eyakuze



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