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Managing natural resources: what do citizens say?

Four out of five citizens believe that oil and gas will benefit them, their children and the country. At the same time, four out of ten (37%) believe that people in Government and the rich will benefit the most. More than half of the population (55%) want some of the revenue from oil and gas to be given directly to citizens in cash.

These findings were released by Twaweza in a research brief titled Managing natural resources: what do citizens say? The brief is based on data from Sauti za Wananchi, Africa’s first nationally representative mobile phone survey, that polls households across Mainland Tanzania. The research was conducted in collaboration with the World Bank.

The research highlights a preference for at least some of the revenue from oil and gas to be transferred directly to citizens. One out of five (20%) prefer most of the money being sent directly to citizens; 18% prefer an equal split of revenue between Government and citizens, while 17% prefer Government to receive the majority of the revenue and citizens to receive the balance.

However, a significant group of Tanzanians (43%) want all the revenue to go to the Government for expenditure on services such as education and health. When asked how they believe resource revenues can bring the most benefit to Tanzanians, half (46%) of citizens point to public spending on health and education and four out of ten suggest spending on infrastructure (20%) or anti-poverty programs (17%).

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