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Sauti za Wananchi

Soma kwa Kiswahili hapa.

Sauti za Wananchi (Voices of Citizens) uses mobile phones to regularly collect information from a broad cross-section of Tanzanian, Ugandan and Kenyan citizens. The initiative allows survey data to be gathered quickly and efficiently, at low cost, to inform citizens of what's going on and to support policy-makers to be more responsive to the needs and aspirations of citizens. More

Technical Paper | Methodology and Approach - Tanzania

Technical Paper | Methodology and Approach - Kenya

Technical Paper | Methodology and Approach - Uganda 


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Tanzania: Politics, demonstrations and participation

Across a range of indicators of democracy, the majority of citizens say there is less freedom now than there was three years ago. Citizens feel that freedom has diminished for: opposition parties to hold rallies and speak their mind (64%), the media to criticize or report government mistakes (62%), and for independent groups to voice their views, hold meetings (58%). Half of citizens also feel they personally have less freedom to voice their own political views (54%). But support for multiparty democracy remains strong, with 9 out of 10 citizens (84%) preferring to have many political parties.

Uganda: Clean and Safe?

This brief presents data on Ugandans’ opinions and experiences in accessing water: three out of four Ugandans (74%) have access to an improved water source, meaning one that provides cleaner and safer water.

Kenya: On tap?

This brief presents data on Kenyans’ opinions and experiences of water, sanitation and hygiene which reports that Rural households need on average 45 minutes to collect water, up from 37 minutes in 2016. For three out of ten households (30%), collecting water takes at least an hour and for one out of twenty households (5%) it takes at least three hours.
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