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Three experiments to improve learning

Twaweza has developed a draft note, 'Three Experiments to Improve Learning Outcomes: Delivering capitation grants better and testing local cash on delivery,' on incentivizing learning in schools. The basic idea involves paying a set amount for every child that achieves proficiency in early grade literacy and numeracy, and to contrast it with an input based incentive such as the capitation grant. A set of randomized control trials (RCTs) will be used to rigorously measure impact. The idea has been developed in consultation with the Center for Global Development, the Jameel Poverty Action Lab (JPAL) at MIT, the Tanzania government, local Members of Parliament and the teachers’ trade union.

UPDATE: The experiment design components for year 1 (2013) have been significantly streamlined after consultation with experts. An updated note will be posted here soon.

Our experimental design seeks to answer not 'which specific activity helps students learn the most?' but the impact of input provision and outcome based payment types of approaches at local levels, and the role of both information and citizen engagement in the process.

The preparatory work for the experiments, including piloting of materials and engagement, will take place throughout 2012, in consultation with key parties. The full field interventions are expected to begin in early 2013. 

The note is constantly evolving. Your comments welcome.

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