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Twaweza in the news | The untouchables

A few days ago, Sauti za Wananchi launched a brief report on citizens' experience and views on corruption in Tanzania.  We usually invite various TV, radio and print reporters to join us in the official launches of these reports in order for the findings reach a wider audience. This time, in particular, the launch our research brief titled The untouchables? Tanzanians’ experiences and views of corruptionattracted a lot of media presence and hence we received a very wide media coverage throughout the country. Here is a highlight of the coverage:

On the evening of the launch, news regarding the research brief was aired via news bulletins on Aam2 TV, ITV and TBC1. Radio stations that covered the brief were Radio Uhuru, Times FM, TBC Taifa, Clouds FM, Radio One, RFA, Magic fM, Kiss fM and E-FM.

For most print media, (The Guardian, Habari Leo, Uhuru and Mtanzania) the main focus was on the fact that citizens think that corruption has declined in many sectors across the country. 

The Guardian covered the fact that Repoa has supported a conclusion made by Twaweza that the incidents of corruption have declined.


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