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Language of instruction and learning outcomes in refugee contexts

There is a severe issue with overage children in lower primary. On average, refugee children were three years older than they should be for their grade.

Can public rankings improve school performance?

Can public rankings improve school performance? From the CfEE Annual Research Digest 2017-18: evidence from the developing world

Call for proposals: Images of inequality

The main objective of this work is to take photographs of inequalities in education in Dar es salaam and to travel to the nearest region to do the same and showcase the available inequalities.

Consultancy | Perspectives and Experiences of Civil Servants

Twaweza is seeking proposals for a consultancy to investigate the perspectives and experiences of civil servants on access to information (supply side) and citizen participation.

Deep Dive: Shaping Learning Questions in a Funder Collaborative

How can a funder collaborative engage with evidence to improve grantmaking practice? The first step is to ask the right learning questions.

Citizens are hungry for information | Right to know day

Eight out of ten say information held by public authorities is a public resource (77%) and that citizens should be able to access information from government (78%).

Uganda: The haves and the have nots

This brief presents data on Ugandans’ views and opinions on poverty, fairness and inequality. It reports that over half (54%) of Ugandans say that the reason people are poor is laziness or a lack of personal effort. External factors such as social injustice (29%), luck (16%) and unemployment (11%) are mentioned by fewer people.
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