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A short statement from Twaweza

The Executive Director of Twaweza is not and has never been, a member of any political party in Tanzania.

Who is Twaweza?

Over the past few weeks, Twaweza and our work has been the subject of extensive public debate in Tanzania and beyond.

Call for submissions: mobile photo competition – Inequalities in Education

Twaweza is delighted to announce a photo competition on the theme of inequalities in education.

New trust fund focuses on government transparency, accountability and responsiveness

Civil society actors were previously disadvantaged by having fewer financial resources to deploy to this mission than our government partners. This fund helps to further level that playing field.

Job opportunities | Twaweza is hiring

Twaweza is hiring! Do you like what we stand for and what we do? Do you have a curiosity and passion to learn? Do you like to push the envelope, take thoughtful risks, innovate, get things done and make change happen in East Africa? We may be a match! To apply for any of these positions follow the instruction in each job description.

A short note on the letter from Costech to Twaweza

Twaweza did not circulate and is not involved in the circulation of this letter on social media. We respect our communication with all of our stakeholders.

Tanzania: Politics, demonstrations and participation

Across a range of indicators of democracy, the majority of citizens say there is less freedom now than there was three years ago. Citizens feel that freedom has diminished for: opposition parties to hold rallies and speak their mind (64%), the media to criticize or report government mistakes (62%), and for independent groups to voice their views, hold meetings (58%). Half of citizens also feel they personally have less freedom to voice their own political views (54%). But support for multiparty democracy remains strong, with 9 out of 10 citizens (84%) preferring to have many political parties.
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136 Articles
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