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Twaweza operates in East Africa and is housed by Hivos, a 40 plus year old development organization based in the Netherlands and registered to operate in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Hivos Twaweza has offices in Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, and Kampala.

Comment on the Tanzania Open Government Plan

Tanzania has prepared a draft Country Plan which has been submitted to the OGP Secretariat. Consistent with the principles of open government, Tanzania invites the public and interested parties to submit concrete ideas and inputs to strengthening the Plan. The comments received will be placed online by February 2012 for the public to know. Thank you for your inputs. We will use them to help strengthen the Tanzania Open Government Plan. Open here to see the format of submitting your comments.

Tanzanian eating habits change as food prices rise

The Citizen newspaper in Tanzania published a news story on 2 February, 2012 revealing changing eating habits of residents in the country's largest city, based on a report released by the Dar es Salaam Mobile Phone Public Service Survey Project, implemented in collaboration with Twaweza. The front page story states that rising inflation and food prices has forced low income families to reduce consumption of beef, fish and chicken which are the main sources of protein for people in Dar es Salaam. As a consequence, some households could no longer afford three meals a day.

Uganda's Daily Monitor cites Uwezo

In an article published on 30 January, 2012, Uganda's Daily Monitor newspaper writes about their initiative to combat poor numeracy and literacy among primary school pupils. Monitor Publications has been running the Newspapers in Education (NiE) programme in the country, a worldwide movement that strives to create a child-centered learning environment and make the classroom more stimulating through the use of newspapers.

Tanzania: who will change your world in 2012?

Tanzania, who will change your world in 2012?

Uganda: Who will change your world in 2012?

Uganda, who will change your world in 2012?

Kenya: Who will change your world in 2012?

Kenya, who will change your world in 2012?
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