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Ben TaylorOpen Development Consultant for Twaweza. Also a blogger (in a personal capacity) at, co-coordinator of the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN) Open Development Working Group, co-editor of Tanzanian Affairs (the journal of the Britain Tanzania S
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Twaweza's input on regulations for implementation of the Media Services Act

Twaweza has submitted suggestions for the Regulations for implementation of the Media Services Act.

Request for Proposals to study the state of debate on Education in Kenya

Request for Proposals to conduct qualitative research on the state of public debate on education in 10 districts of Kenya.

Learning Note 4: Measuring impacts of Makutano Junction

This post examines the measures used in research asking whether mass communication contributes to positive behavior change among citizens?

Twaweza and Uwezo 2014 Audited Financial Statements

Twaweza's financial statements are subjected to independent audit each year. Once approved by the Board, these are disclosed to the public. Audited Financial Statements for 2014 for Twaweza and Uwezo programs can be found here.

The key to life? Citizens' views on education

In this brief, we report citizens' views on education, with a focus on the quality of secondary school education.

Twaweza Strategy 2015-2018

Twaweza is now beginning the second phase of our ten-year initiative, on the foundation of the rich lessons and experience from the initial years. We have learned much, and have made some significant changes, which we outline in this new strategy – covering 2015-2018.

What did we do in 2014? | Annual Report

This report provides highlights of what Twaweza achieved in 2014.
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