Uwezo Annual Learning Assessment Report creates media buzz in East Africa

Uwezo, a four year initiative to improve levels of literacy and numeracy amongst 6-16 year olds in East Africa, launched their National Annual Learning Assessment Reports 2011 in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The reports’ findings showed low levels of learning in basic numeracy and literacy across the three countries.

Newspapers in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania have given the reports wide coverage in the news. Their articles have discussed different perspectives of education in the countries, quoting findings documented in the reports.

Tanzania’s Guardian features quotes from Uwezo Tanzania’s Annual Learning Assessment Report 2011, in these articles: 50 years of independence: Is education for self reliance relevant for Tanzania today?, Massive decline in English knack for pupils, teachers, When a nation denies its children basic education...and Uwezo unveils shocking new report on learning in schools.

The East African quotes findings from the Uwezo Annual Learning Assessment Reports in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. They conclude that children across East Africa are learning too little.

The Daily News uses Uwezo Tanzania’s report to pose the question: Are our children learning? As well as, publishing a follow up opinion article on how to try to solve the problem.

The Citizen highlighted how grave the current state of primary education in Tanzania is using the report’s findings.

There was also broad coverage within Swahili newspapers, including: Habari Leo, Majira and Tanzania Daima.

Watch a video on how Uwezo Kenya carried out their assessment on the competencies of children for their report here.

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