Twaweza Head Office (Tanzania Office)

  • Aidan Eyakuze (Executive Director)
  • Herbert Humphrey (Contracts Administrator and Activity Coordinator, Learning & Strategy)
  • Entesh Melaisho (Program Officer, Governance, Donor Relations and Futures Programs)
  • Baruani Mshale (Director, Learning and Strategy)
  • Hamisi Hamisi (Learning and Strategy Officer)
  • Miriam Mwaibula (Program Officer, Learning and Strategy)
  • Risha Chande (Director, Advocacy and Engagement)
  • Annastazia Rugaba (Advocacy Manager)
  • Jane Shussa (Senior Digital Communications Officer)
  • Joyce Chirwa (Assistant Program Officer, Advocacy and Engagement)
  • Glory Saria (Senior Manager, Operations)
  • Karim Manji (Coordinator, Information Technology)
  • Janice Kalemera (Senior Administrative Officer)
  • Pushpa Vishani (Human Resources Officer)
  • Patricia Nabaku (Assistant Administrative Officer)
  • Theo Mshabaha (Administrative Assistant)
  •  Samiath Yusuph (Assistant Information Technology (IT) Officer)
  • Richard Modest (Senior Manager, Finance)
  • Esther Prosper (Principal Accountant)
  • Nancy Leshabari (Accountant)
  • Richard Temu (Senior Program Officer, Voice and Participation)
  • Happiness Nkwera (Assistant Program Officer, Voice and Participation)

Kenya Office

  • James Ciera (Senior Data Analyst and Kenya Country Lead)
  • Evelyn Siaga (Assistant Administrative Officer)
  • Chrispinus Musamba (Country Accountant)
  • Melania Omengo (Manager, Sauti za Wananchi)
  • Sarah Mwangi (Assistant Program Officer, Sauti za Wananchi)
  • Josiah Wandera (Assistant Program Officer, Learning and Strategy)
  • Mary Wandia, Administrative Assistant

Uganda Office

  • Violet Alinda (Director, Voice and Participation and Uganda Country Lead)
  • Ismail Sentamu (Program Officer, Learning and Strategy)
  • David Mugurusi (Senior Program Officer, Voice and Participation)
  • Judith Nakayima (Assistant Program Officer, Voice and Participation)
  • Martha Chemutai (Manager, Advocacy)
  • Asinguza Allan Peter (Manager, Learning and Strategy)
  • Marie Hilda Nanyanzi (Senior Program Officer, Sauti za Wananchi)
  • Bob Wandera (Country Accountant)
  • Wahab Muhumuza (Administrative Officer)
  • Winnie Nanteza (Assistant Administrative Officer)

View Twaweza’s organogram here to see all Twaweza staff and Board members.

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Board members are drawn from East African nationals of high credibility and expertise, and international experts. Each will serve on the board in their individual capacity. The individuals are expected to reflect diversity in terms of a) East Africa and global, b) diversity within East Africa with at least one member from each of the three countries in which we work, c) gender and age, d) range of competencies including strategic, programmatic, learning/evaluation, legal, and financial.

Current members are;

  • Elieshi Lema – Chairperson of E & D Limited, Vision Publishers, P. O. Box 4460, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Dr Wanjiru Kamau Rutenberg – Director, African Women in Agricultural Research and Development, Kenya, 
  • Gertrude Mugizi , P. O. Box 1154, Mwanza , Tanzania
  • Adv. Tom Nyanduga Bahame – 82 Mwai Kibaki Road, Memorable House, Unit 4, 1st Floor. Opposite Feza Nursery School
  • Prof. Mussa J Assad – Muslim University of Morogoro, P. O. BOX 1031, Morogoro
  • Rebeca Gyumi – Founder & Executive Director at Msichana Initiative, Tanzania, P.O BOX 12652, Dar es Salaam
  • Charles Businge – Director of Southern Africa-Sub-Region at Plan International, Uganda, Methodist Ministries Centre, Block C, 2nd floor, Nairobi, P.O. Box 25196-00603


Twaweza values donors for several reasons: provision of financial resources, knowledge, sharing of ideas and linkages with others, feedback on Twaweza’s approaches and effectiveness, and as one component of accountability. Twaweza seeks to work with donors in a manner where its identity, intellectual and operational autonomy are affirmed and safeguarded; including independence of thought, publication and positions that may be critical of the donors. The partnership with donors is based on congruence of goals and mission; where both Twaweza and donors work in a manner that can best propel the goals and interests of Twaweza.

High quality and impeccable integrity are expected of Twaweza by itself and donors, and both parties hold Twaweza to this standard. Open dialogue, honesty and frankness, including admission of failure where this case may be, and the need to adapt and adjust are openly communicated, and seen as essential to developing trust and strengthening the organization. Donors understand that the way to get the best out of Twaweza is for the organization to have effective internal incentives, structures and practices of learning and accountability.

Our current donors are:



Twaweza values the partners we work with deeply. We are committed to co-creating and learning from the work we do together. We work with partners based on:

  • Goal focus
  • Contextual analysis and relevance
  • Citizen agency focus
  • (Powerful) Innovation, Creativity, Imagination
  • Shared goals and ideals
  • A focus on impact
  • Value for Money
  • Openness to Learning



In addition, we are a member of the following coalitions and groups

  • Civic Space Working Group (Tanzania)
  • Coalition on the Right to Information (Tanzania)
  • Parliamentary Initiatives Network (Kenya)
  • Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group (Uganda)
  • Transparency and Accountability Initiative – the learning collaborative (Region)