Food consumption up, access to clean water down in Dar es Salaam

Round 11 of the Listening to Dar survey asked questions on food consumption and perceptions of economic hardship to 358 residents of Dar es Salaam. There was a small increase (from 59.3 percent to 64.5 percent) in those who reported eating three meals a day in April compared to January 2012. Nevertheless, the figure is still lower than the 72.3 percent who reported eating three meals a day during the baseline study in 2010. This survey round also found that certain foods, particularly fish, have become somewhat more affordable since the start of 2012.

Of concern, there was a jump in people reporting that they went without clean drinking water over the previous month, compared to January 2012.

Read the full report here and an article from Tanzania’s Guardian newspaper on the results here. Initial work on this survey was done by Twaweza and is now managed by the World Bank.

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