Data Visualisation Uganda Budget | Request for Proposals

Deadline Extension: Wednesday 2 January 2013

A government’s budget is the key tool through which it can govern. Policies are implemented only if there is sufficient financing for them and this is all determined by the budget. No matter what promises and commitments are made, anything that is not in the budget is unlikely to move from the world of rhetoric to action.

Governments across East Africa have made concerted efforts to make budget data publicly available annually in recent years. However budgets are often available in formats that make them difficult to analyse and comprehend. The language used can be dense and filled with jargon, and generally the published budgets of East Africa reach a limited audience.

Therefore Twaweza has developed a series of budget visualisation tools to make this vital information more accessible and engaging for key stakeholders. Tools exists for Kenya and Tanzania and Twaweza is now seeking proposals for the development of a budget visualisation tool for Uganda.

Details are available in the Request for Proposals. Interested parties are requested to submit their proposals, including a detailed cost breakdown and timeline for delivery as well as samples of any previous similar work, by Wednesday 2 January 2013.

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