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Twaweza Strategy 2015-2018

Twaweza is now beginning the second phase of our ten-year initiative, on the foundation of the rich lessons and experience from the initial years. We have learned much, and have made some significant changes, which we outline in this new strategy – covering 2015-2018.

Twaweza Strategy 2011-2014

Read our updated strategy for 2011-2014, with information on our goals, program components, learning, monitoring and evaluation aspects, our governance structure and budget.

Twaweza Situation Analysis

What works in East Africa? What doesn't? What have been the most important developments in the last ten years? What are the most powerful constraints and opportunities for the next 5-10 years? What really drives change? How do resources flow and decisions get made? How do problems get solved?

The Twaweza initiative has been informed by an engagement with these questions- through the work of its initiators in East Africa and elsewhere, our reading, and our interaction with citizens. These questions have been core concerns in the country assessments undertaken in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.

Twaweza Original Strategy

This document describes our theory of change, our purpose, goals and objectives, program components, monitoring and evaluation aspects, and organizational structure.

Human Resources Policy Manual

Human resource policy manual for Twaweza East Africa.

Twaweza Policy Manuals 2019

Twaweza operations are governed by policies which aim at enabling the application of fair, consistent, transparent and accountable governance and management.

Finance and Administration Policy Manual

Regulations for Twaweza East Africa's financial and administration operations.
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