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Fighting Malnutrition in Tanzania

This note, done in association with Sikika and Policy Forum shows that in 2010 another 43,000 children will die prematurely in Tanzania because they are malnourished. It argues that many of these deaths could have been prevented if Tanzania would introduce fortified flour and cooking oil. The authors estimate there would be 6,700 less child deaths per year. In addition it would bring a net annual economic benefit of Tshs 153 billion. More ...

Mixed results in healthcare in Dar es Salaam

A recent survey has revealed significant short-term success in healthcare while showing that long term improvements in health outcomes still hang in the balance. Residents of Dar es Salaam who participated in the survey reflected on a range of issues on health-related practices as well as service delivery at healthcare facilities.

Dar parents know little about their children's education

A survey conducted in 2010 by Uwazi at Twaweza and Datavision, with 429 randomly selected households in Dar es Salaam, revealed that parents know little about education policies and practice.

Dar es Salaam schools: Poor toilets, little sport.

Since 2002, the Government of Tanzania has been implementing the Primary Education Development Programme (PEDP) with two specific aims: making education more accessible and improving its quality. While significant success has been made in extending access improving quality remains a challenge. A research brief released today by Uwazi at Twaweza reveals that sanitation services in public primary school in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania's largest city, leave much to be desired.

Dar es Salaam classrooms: Overcrowded, few books, no desks

A large e-learning conference has just opened in a modern world-class facility in Dar es Salaam, but city residents may have a long way to go before they can enjoy basic infrastructure in public schools. In a research brief released today, Uwazi at Twaweza shows that despite being closest to where policies are made, public primary schools in Dar es Salaam are in dire need of more classrooms, desks and textbooks.

Do people prefer active MPs?

What sort of MPs do people prefer? Do voters care about how much their MPs have held the executive to account on the floor of the Bunge? One indicator for answering these questions is to analyze the relationship between active/dormant MPs and their performance in the preferential polls of CCM.

In this note six key facts are presented regarding the relationship between the participation of MPs in Parliament and their performance in the CCM polls.

No budget transparency in East Africa

Countries of East Africa give too limited information about their budgets to the public. They fail to publish key budget documents and provide little information in the documents that are published and released. Countries also largely ignore public voice in the budget process. In this way they make it virtually impossible for citizens to hold their governments to account for the way tax money is spent.
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