Twaweza in the news: Infusing media with data

Twaweza aims to contribute to an improved public debate, particularly on education and governance. One way in which we do this is by generating and disseminating data and evidence through the media. Twaweza does not train journalists, but in line with quality journalistic standards, we generate, package and help to interpret evidence for public discourse.

This write-up presents a brief analysis of Tanzanian print and broadcast media coverage on the topics of education and governance in 2016. It compares the presence and use of data in pieces featuring Twaweza with other media content on education and governance

How are we doing this? 

Twaweza receives a daily media monitoring log from an independent source (Ipsos Tanzania), comprising a corporate log (mentions of Twaweza, our programs, and products), and a topic-based synthesis on education and governance.

The articles included in this analysis were drawn from this media log. In the period 1 January to 31 December 2016, there were a total of 3,109 print articles and 3,344 broadcast pieces covering education and governance issues. In the same period, there were 171 print articles and 121 broadcast clips (radio and television) that directly cited Twaweza – the corporate log. 

  • Twaweza is contributing significantly to improved public dialogue in the areas of education and governance: articles and clips (print and broadcast) which are based on Twaweza or use Twaweza as a reference are three times more likely to include data, as compared to articles which do not reference Twaweza.
  • Twaweza-related articles and clips also perform better across other indicators of quality data journalism, although overall, the quality is low: most articles or clips cite only one source of data, few discuss the data, and there are very few visualizations. 

This brief analysis suggests that Twaweza contributes data and evidence to public discourse and debate in the education and governance domains. Articles which do not reference Twaweza use data and evidence much less. 

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