Twaweza Strategy 2019-2022


We believe in an open society, built on the human impulse to make a difference; where information and ideas flow, citizens engage and authorities are accountable to the people.


  • To demonstrate how citizens can come together to collectively address their systemic development problems, and make government work better for them
  • To enable citizens’ voices, interests and experiences to be heard and taken seriously in decision-making across multiple governance levels
  • To promote and protect open civic space which enables citizens to freely assemble or organise, speak and act


Across the region, citizens’ most basic freedoms are partially protected or restricted. The very existence of civil society is increasingly under threat. This surfaces two connected problems for Twaweza to address:

  1. Citizens are not able to solve their problems and/or exert productive influence over the forces that shape their lives; that is they have very little agency.
  2. The conditions that enable such citizen agency – including access to information and freedom of expression and association – are weak and deteriorating.

Strategic Goals

In our work we are driven by the following strategic goals, to which we anticipate contributing over this strategic period.

  1. Citizens have the ability, willingness and opportunity to articulate their problems, come together to discuss them, express their views in the public sphere and take civic actions to address these challenges
  2. Local and national government agencies operate in ways that take account of citizen concerns, voices and civic action, and are able and driven to act in response. These practices are slowly taking root and diffusing beyond the immediate community and into national discourse.
  3. Civic space is less restricted in regard to basic respect for free expression, association and assembly; access to information; and established rule of law.

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